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Citrus Magic In A Bottle!

"When I first started using the product I was unaware of its true magical powers."

Greetings Everyone, I wanted to share a wonderful experience I had with this eco friendly cleaning product that is made in Canada. As a professional cleaning technician for over 10+ years I am always excited and amazed to try new eco friendly cleaning products out on the market.  The product is called EchoClean Kitchen Cleaner. It is manufactured by a company called VIP Soap products which is based out of west coast of British Columbia. They make products that are eco friendly while trying to have very little if no impact on our environment. They practice only small batch testing to ensure quality control.

When I first started using the product I was unaware of its true magical powers. After using it several times, I realized this kitchen cleaner is a must have in my cleaning caddy. I have used this product for my client’s everyday general maintenance cleaning to my deep move in/ move out cleans. It’s amazing the amount of grease and residue this cleaning product can cut through. I no longer use caustic oven cleaners because the EchoClean Kitchen Cleanser has replaced them. I literally just spray the product onto the surface (ovens, cabinets, laminate, etc.), let it “marinate” for a few minutes and wipe or gently scrub clean. The smell is very pleasing, however, it is a cleaning agent so you don’t want to inhale the product. This product from my experiences has cleaned grease, ceramic tiles, char from inside ovens, stainless steel sinks, chrome, porcelain, and non porous countertops. I have not had it react to anything as of yet causing a chemical reaction but as always test in a inconspicuous spot first if you are unsure. The EchoClean Kitchen Cleaner is not only eco friendly with all the ingredients listed on the back of the package but it is also septic safe and  biodegradable.

If you already use or want to try eco friendly cleaners I would recommend trying this product for yourself. I like the company's values, that the product is plant based with all ingredients listed, works great as a kitchen cleaner and has replaced caustic cleaners while performing great results. I will post some before and after photos of my cleaning experience with this product below with an information link.

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