During a cleaning consultation one might feel slightly overwhelmed with information or the possibility of forgotten information. There are a lot of choices to be made, but in the end, the most important would be to choose a professional cleaning company that fits your home.   Included below is a quick overview of how we operate , service terms, and what will be discussed during your consultation We encourage our clients to call, text or email if they ever have any questions or concerns. We are happy to try to accommodate you in anyway we can.


In consideration of traffic, weather conditions, clients adding services, and lockouts, please allow a window of at least 20-30 minutes from your scheduled appointment time.  If we are running behind due to unforeseen circumstances we will notify you by call, text , or email. 



Our cleaning services are customized to fit the needs of each and every client. At Okanagan Mountain Maid we understand that sometimes an extra task may be required.  Changes can be made to your cleaning services at any time with advance notice so it doesn't impede our work schedule with other clients.  If there are tasks you would like to add, subtract, or simply change, please contact myself, Stephanie Taylor, in advance so that we can alter the price accordingly.  48hr notice must be given so other clients can be advised of any possible changes to their appointment. It is possible if this is not done within 48 hours we will NOT be able to accommodate you so please request in advance.



Every year on January 1st our rate will go up automatically by an additional 3% from your quoted price. As we love to keep our costs down there are costs that are out of our control that go up every year behind the scenes of  a business. Every year we will have a price raise to our services in order to maintain a profitable business to serve our community.



When it comes to accessing our clients’ homes we ask that they choose only what they are comfortable with allowing us into their space for our scope of work. In the past, clients have supplied us with a key or pin code number to allow ourselves in. Others prefer to be home and let us in or someone else to let us in. Either of these are fine, however, it is very important that you keep track of your scheduled appointment. We need to be able to get in to perform our tasks and duties. If we are locked out or the appointment was forgotten the appointment will be treated as a cancelation.  The appointment will be  billed up to 100% of the service fee in respecting our meticulous scheduling efforts, reserving a crew of workers for you, paying them for their booked time regardless. 



We are all aware that living in the northwest means that our weather can affect us greatly in the winter.   If the weather is unsafe for myself or any other member of my team, we may have to cancel. If this should happen, we will call or text to reschedule you as soon as possible or try to squeeze you in the following day.  We would only do this in case of a forest fire area, heavy extreme snow, sleet, severe ice conditions, or if your road or driveway is blocked and not able for us to get there or in. 



Holidays cleans are a first come first serve basis as we get booked quickly!  We ask that you plan ahead and schedule in advance if possible. We work hard to make sure that all of our existing clients are worked into rotation.  If your desired holiday clean is not on your rotation week, please contact us ASAP so that we may make time for your holiday clean if spots are available.


Cleans that are requested on any major holidays will be subject to a charge of the amount of your clean plus half. We prefer our staff to spend time with their families. If we do have a staff member interested in working during this time we will let you know.



If your cleaning technician is ill we would also have to reschedule. We would rather not risk the spread of illness to our clients.  If we have other technicians available we can arrange with you to send someone else to your home. Again, if anything changes we will communicate in advance to discuss your scheduled cleaning and we can go over different options to solutions to accommodate you. If you are ill please cancel in a timely manner.



We require 48 hours notice for cancellation. If notice is not given, 100% of booked cleaning will be charged to the client.  If you require a cancellation, rescheduling of your service, we kindly ask you to contact us immediately at MeLoveToClean@gmail.com. (Voicemails, texts, and  calls to cancel services are not accepted unless you receive a confirmation from us.) 



Everyone has valuable things or things we care about in our home and unfortunately accidents do happen. Luckily not often but we are human. Okanagan Mountain Maid feels terrible if we do break something.  If there is something of sentimental value or otherwise irreplaceable, please put it away or let us know whether or not we should even touch the item.  If breakage does occur you will be notified immediately by phone call or text. If we are unable to reach you we will leave a detailed message next to your next appointment card.  


At Okanagan Mountain Maid we believe that what goes on in your home is your personal business. As our client, we respect your privacy and dignity.  We do NOT share your personal information or what you do in your home. We do NOT duplicate or share your keys, security codes, key hiding spots, or garage access codes. We hope for our clients’ trust and also that they feel confident with us in their home. Everyone who works for Okanagan Mountain Miad has NO criminal charges of any kind and are required to do a criminal background check. Note that we also do not open your door nor greet any strangers while we are on your premise to clean. We are strictly there to just clean or house. 



We ask if it is possible to allow us to work with minimal interruption. We schedule all our clients within a certain time for work to be done throughout the day and it's important that we work efficiently but also pay attention to all detail without interruptions. It is best if children are home to keep them out of our work area or have them in a separate area of the home so we can complete the job. Pets are to be crated if aggressive or not well behaved while we are cleaning. 


We have the right to refuse any tasks that we feel are deemed unsafe to us whether it is coming into contact with certain bodily fluids, feces / excrement, mold, drugs, sharps, chemicals or climbing high ladders.  

For health and safety reasons our cleaners are not permitted to clean up bodily fluids, pet excrement, mold, hazardous chemicals or deceased rodents/vermin. We do not clean ceilings or areas outside of the reasonable reach of the cleaner (ie., high walls, shelves, fixtures or windows). They also cannot provide junk removal services. For liability reasons, we do not provide laundry services or wash dishes by hand.


For our cleaner’s safety, they do not move furniture (couch, dresser, bed, oven etc). If you would like those areas cleaned, please remove the relevant furniture before your appointment.  If you require us to clean behind the fridge, oven, dishwater, etc., shelf or furniture, please pull it out for us in advance. We do not move anything over 20 lbs. We are not moving or handyman service. We also do not wish to scratch furniture, flooring and we take care to prevent injury of our cleaning technicians. 


We ask before we come to clean your home that day that all clutter is moved out of the way such as children's toys, clothes on the floor, dishes are stowed away or anything else that allows us not to fulfill our cleaning requirements. If we can not fully access the sink due to dishes, vacuum floors due to toys or clothes or other things that impede our work we will simply move around it or skip it.


We  bring all of our own supplies except for a broom and vacuum. If you have specialty products that you want used, please provide them and leave them out for the cleaners. If you need your floors swept, mopped or vacuumed, leave a broom, mop or vacuum out for the cleaning technician. We do use a microfiber wet  mop that is changed between each client’s home.


Sexual harassment, abusive language, or innapropriate behavoir will NOT be accepted or permitted with our cleaning technicians. If such incidents have happened or our cleaning technicians feel unsafe they have the right to leave immediately from the work site and contact management. Payment will be expected in full from the incident and for our time. Appropriate legal action will be taken. 



Payments are due  ON THE DAY and AT THE TIME of the cleaning services are provided. For your convenience, we accept cash, cheque, and e-transfer.

 First time or one time bookings require a 50% deposit down

 Recurring service payment is due upon completion of each service. A $35 fee is applied to all NSF or declined checks. 

Cash Payment:        If paying by cash no charge on GST 

Check Payment:    All checks are to be made payable to: Okanagan Mountain Maid.

Any returned checks fees are to be paid by the clients. 

E-Transfer:        All e-transfers are to be paid ON THE DAY  the services were provided. 

            Please send all e-transfers to the email: MeLoveToClean@gmail.com


If payment is not received on the day the services were provided there will be a late charge fee of $5 for every day it is late. Any payments that are abandoned and not paid or in full will have legal action taken. It’s bad karma and a small community so please just pay your bills. 


Invoices and receipts are available upon request and can be emailed to you.



Any dissatisfaction of work MUST be reported within THAT DAY the work was completed. Because cleaning is subjective, we can’t offer refunds.  NO refunds or discounts will be given, but however we will come back within 48hrs of our last cleaning to fix the issue if it was our fault. Payment in full is expected after the issue has been fixed. We ask that you send a photo of what the issue was and an explanation of  dissatisfaction. 



We offer a referral program discount as long as we have cleaning slots available. If you refer us to a coworker, friend, neighbor,  or family and we were hired to clean, once the clean has been completed you will receive $10 off your next clean with us. Check out our Facebook page periodically for other  discount offers and specials.



First time cleans are the longest and the hardest.  On your first initial cleaning visit the price is going to be greater than your regular price.  If you are consecutive such as weekly and  biweekly we waive that fee as the cleans are less time consuming as the first initial clean because your home is being regularly maintained.  Any house that does NOT have clean for a 5 weeks period will be charged the first time cleaning fee again. 



Sometimes we may have to use photos for evidence. We take photos of something we have seen prior to cleaning so we are not liable for any damages if there were damages prior to us cleaning. We take photos for our AirBnB cleans so the property manager knows that the cleaning has been completed and staged. If something ends up broken on our behalf we will take photos so we can let our manager know, for our evidence,  and also send you a photo. 



As a client, you agree not to hire any present or past staff of Okanagan Mountain Maid for any home-related service outside of your service purchases with Okanagan Mountain Maid. If you hire our cleaning staff to work privately, you must pay $5000 to our company. Our staff signs a non-compete form prior to hire.